We plant churches not campuses. Many of the churches we plant will have The Parks Church name. All Parks Churches have several things they share:

  1. Shared Traits- The DNA of our churches are found in what we call our Family Traits: Gospel, Community, Serving, Discipleship, Missional. Each of our churches carries these traits in the context of their local community.
  2. Shared Vision- Each Parks Church maintains the vision to be gospel-centered, community focused churches with the heart to start new churches. We believe that each church should be a size where people can know each other and be known. Our goal is that every person plays a role in the work of the church. Each church strives to reach its city one neighborhood at a time.
  3. Shared Relationships – Each leadership team is in relationship with each other. This provides healthy accountability and encouragement as each team leads the local church. We believe the healthiest leaders are those who are part of a strong team. We believe the healthiest churches are those are part of something bigger than just themselves.

Current Parks Church Plants:

The Parks Church McKinney, TX (started in 2011)

The Parks Church Melissa, TX (started in 2014)



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