We believe in the power of testimony and invitation to inspire and build up faith. With this in mind, we invite you to participate in this dialogue by listening to some of the amazing people within our congregation share their stories and experiences.

Marty & Elaine

“When you’re praying to God, don’t give up. He’s going to be there, He’s going to help you.”

Listen to Marty and Elaine share their powerful story of how God has been with them in Marty’s battle with multi myeloma cancer.

Adam & Ashley

“We didn’t have an ideal example of a godly marriage in our home to grow up, so as we quickly learned, we needed God’s help.”

Adam and Ashley discuss their journey into learning how to experience a happy and life-giving marriage.

Weston & Carson

“That was probably the moment that I realized, ‘Ok, you have all the pieces to the puzzle, but they’re in the wrong order, something’s not right.'”

Weston discusses his process of growth and spiritual development.


“In the world’s economy, success is measured by what you have in your hand. But in God’s economy, success is measured by what you have in your heart.”

Heath provides an invitation to join The Parks Church Melissa’s 7-week Crown Financial Ministries course.

Adam & Ashley

“If you have not had a beautiful marriage up until now, show [your children] that redemptive grace that God uses to transform your life.”

Adam and Ashley extend an invitation to join them in one of their ongoing marriage studies.

Student Ministries

“It’s not my power, it’s not for me to decide who I am. Christ already decided who I am and made me who I was.”

Weston shares his experience leading the student ministry, and invites you to join the fun.

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